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Airplane An-24 UR-IIC sales , Turbojet engine D-36 series of 2 sales, sales Airscrew of AV-68I of series of 04A 0986 years of issue, SNE - 5940ch. rem. 10.04.08 The engine of AI-24 ser. 2 4332028 sale. The engine of AI-24 ser. 2 4032051 sale.
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The company has opportunities in the supply of aircraft engines, components for domestic and foreign aircraft and helicopters. Catalog vlyuchaet Aviazapchast very different direction and set: ATI (Aviation and technical property), CDWG (Maintenance - group sets), spare parts (spare products of the company), radio components and related products. 

Our company offers its services to design and build sites aviation subjects. The site - a calling card company, part of the image, capable of absence impression about you or your company. We are ready to do everything to provide you in a favorable light. We also offer the ability to support sites full of information, as well as information - advice and Media Partnership.




The Forum is to promote new technologies, stimulate development and modernization of logistics defense enterprises of Russia, to attract investment capital, the integration of countries in the production of armaments, military equipment and civilian products.

Aerospace technology, advanced materials and equipment. KAZAN - 2010 Scientific-practical conference, business meetings, presentations of companies and enterprises of the exhibition, thematic seminars and round tables, as well as tours of historic places of 1000-year Kazan, Russia.


III International Exhibition of Helicopter Industry This is the only exhibition in Russia, where Russian and foreign companies are the world to achieve the full range of products and services to the helicopter industry - from design and manufacture to maintenance.

  International Aviation and Space Salon "AVIASVIT-XXI" Unique scientific and technical potential of Ukraine attracted to "AVIASVIT-XXI" professionals associated with the aviation industry, space technology and air transport. Aerospace Industry of Ukraine is one of the most high-tech sectors of the domestic industry and concentrates in itself the most advanced achievements of science and technology.

Aviaportal 1 International Delivery Aviazapchast. - Ukrainian aviation portal created by the increasing need for partners and colleagues in the free area for transactions of sale and purchase of aircraft parts. 
Providing advertising services, taking into account the specifics of the aviation business. Information partnership and support

  International Business Aviation Exhibition JET EXPO 2010 Traditionally JET EXPO provides the ability to establish their presence on the Russian market, manufacturers of aircraft, operators of business aircraft and aviabrokeram, manufacturers, showrooms and special equipment for business jets, airports and terminals business, the fuel, catering suppliers and other companies working in the field of business operations.

Eighth International Exhibition and Scientific Conference on Hydroaviation "Gidroaviasalon 2010"
The main objective of the exhibition - demonstration aircraft navigation and ship-based, your prospects, and possible applications for passenger and freight transport, tourism, patrol and rescue operations at sea, assistance in emergencies and environmental disasters.

State Enterprise "Production Association Southern Machine-Building Plant. A. Makarov For 65 years the company created by four generations of launch vehicles (LV) and several types of spacecraft (SC, satellites). Currently, created the fifth generation of launch vehicles and a new generation of spacecraft. In the implementation of world-famous international project Sea Launch Yuzhmash produced a two-stage clean rocket called "Zenith". According to the program of this project is made more than two dozen launches rocket with the Pacific Ocean with a specially designed floating platform that put into orbit several dozen satellites from different countries (Russia, USA, etc.). In order to launch such rocket from the Baikonur cosmodrome "joint venture" Star Ground.

  INTERNATIONAL BUSINESS MAGAZINE INVEST-UKRAINE " The basic concept of the publication: an analysis of trends in political and economic spheres of the country, forming the image of industrial, financial, research and business structures in the European information space, to enhance business contacts between businessmen of Ukraine and other countries.





What are our competitive advantage? 
• Expand range of services that can serve complex customer order 
• Wide range of product catalog (more than 12 000 positions) 
• A certificate for the provision of customs brokerage services 
• A team of professionals who always give the right information 

The basic concept of our business - it is the quality and reliability of our services. But priorities are placed not we - are setting the priorities of our clients. Number of partners UAB "Innovation and Industrial Center" is constantly growing, which confirms the correctness of the chosen strategy, and opens new horizons for cooperation with Ukrainian and foreign partners.

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